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Your Marriage, is a new and exciting marriage-preparation program opens couples’ hearts to the meaning and purpose of marriage, while it also nurtures the skills they’ll need to live as one, from effective communication to understanding household finance.

What does Your Marriage offer for the parish and leaders?

  • Current, concise, and cost-effective to use
  • Each topic is presented by experts in Catholic marriage and family life
  • Supportive, with easy-to-follow direction in a leader guide
  • Flexible in its format options

The first section of the book covers the purpose and goals of Catholic marriage preparation and introduces best practices for hospitality, time management, and group formation. Bolded phrases and features point out key information and enhance reading. Also included are teaching tips, presentation helps, and supply lists that will help you to be an effective leader.

Several format options, such as weekend retreats or 6-week programs, are provided to fit your preferred program model and schedule. Each session in Your Marriage is focused and concise so that your time together will be effective and purposeful.

The chapter guides are the key to leading the Your Marriage program step-by-step, topic-by-topic. Each two-page overview contains:

  • Key ideas from the chapter in the workbook
  • Prompts to begin the video segment from the Program DVD
  • Review and discussion tips to make sure your couples understand the material and allow you to transition into your personal narrative
  • Tips for crafting your personal narrative
  • Additional instructions, notes, and prayers
  • Suggested times to keep things moving—on track and on time

The Your Marriage Leader Guide also helps the leader to address comfortably more delicate teachings and situations, such as:

  • Natural family planning
  • Cohabitation
  • Annulment and convalidation
  • Interchurch and interfaith marriages
  • Military marriages

The Your Marriage program makes the journey to marriage one of joyful discovery, sharing, and growth. You can be confident that this program has the necessary ingredients to help couples build a strong foundation for lifelong marriage.

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