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Why Did God Make Me?: The Spiritual Writings of a Sparkled-Eyed Man With Cerebral Palsy

The Poems, Stories, Scripts shared herein, express the goodness beauty, and spaciousness of John’s faith-filled soul. “Brother," as John was lovingly known by family and friends, believed, accepted, and surrendered to the full reality of being born with severe Cerebral Palsy, CP leaving him dependent upon the care of his parents, family, and friends. Yet, despite this he never lost his drive and responsibility of his purpose to speak His Truth of being with love. To quote John, “Every intelligent person (and thank God He gave me the whole brain) desires a place in the world. Truthfully life is a burden—the burden of love of life and love must express itself in some way.” Physical limitations called forth his creative gifts of gardening and writing. Sometimes crawling on the ground outside “as a worm,” his gaze fell on the plants, flowers, trees, and the mystery of their creation and growth from small roots and seeds. Thankfully, John often used a little red wagon to slowly, but steadily inch his way around the garden to care for the simple wonders of nature that defined the universe in a backyard he knew as home. It was here, as well as in front of his typewriter, that John was in control and could freely express his inner and outer love and creativity.

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