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Understanding the Revised Mass Texts By Turner, Paul (Author)
Understanding the Revised Mass Texts
By Turner, Paul (Author)
The What's New About the Mass series helps parishes teach their members about the upcoming translation of the Roman Missal which will effect the prayers and responses that every English speaking parish uses during the Mass. Each pamphlet in the series focuses users on a particular part of the mass, briefly explains its purpose, and then provides charts that compare the current prayers and responses with the new translation. This specific pamphlet explains explains why the prayers are being retranslated, who does the translation, and why this translation is important to our life of faith. Other pamphlets in the What's New about the Mass series include: How Will the Beginning of Mass Change? How Will the Gloria and the Liturgy of the Word Change?How Will We Profess Our Faith? How Will the Liturgy of the Eucharist Change? How Will the Eucharistic Prayer Change? How Will We Acclaim the Mystery of Faith? How Will Communion and the End of Mass Change?

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