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Designed exclusively for Catholic Supply of St. Louis and is prominently featured on the east wall of our building. It was formed as a dedication and constant reminder to the thousands of volunteers who gave of themselves to make our Papal Visit in January of 1999 such a special time for St. Louis.

This "Welcoming Christ" mosaic is made completely of the finest Italian Glass Mosaics and was custom designed by our liturgical artist, Angelo Gherardi. For over a year, this unique piece has been hand set by the finest liturgical designers in Italy, The Demetz Art Studio. The downtown skyline, Gateway Arch, and Mississippi River remind all onlookers of how Jesus touched our community during this special time. Welcoming back thousands to the faith, the St. Louis Papal Visit was a source of renewed faith and hope for our entire community- a blessed time we will always remember and treasure.

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