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This beautiful violet clergy stole is hand made by Mayan weavers from Guatemala. This violet clergy overlay stole features Mayan weaving, a traditional art form that has been practiced for centuries by the indigenous Maya people of Central America. It is a rich and intricate tradition that is deeply woven into the cultural and historical fabric of the Maya civilization which produces highly skilled weavers who created intricate textiles. For this violet clergy stole, Mayan weavers use a backstrap loom, which is a simple yet highly effective tool for creating intricate patterns and designs.

A violet overlay stole is an important part of the vestments worn by clergy during liturgical ceremonies. At Catholic Supply of St. Louis, Inc. we are pleased to offer a wide range of high-quality clergy stoles that are perfect for any church or religious organization.

The purchase of this violet clergy stole benefits others! The production of a clergy stole such as this is often a family tradition, passed down from one generation to the next. Mayan weaving is not only a cultural tradition but also an important source of income for many indigenous communities. The sale of textiles provides economic stability for many families.

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