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Catholic Supply is pleased to be one of St. Louis' premier School Uniform Suppliers. We serve the area schools with school uniform jumpers, skirts, skorts, pants, shorts, knit polos, oxfords, sweaters, sweatshirts, gym uniforms, belts & accessories and even custom logo'd spiritwear!

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#37 Uniform Jumper with Knife Pleats

Jumpers, Skirts & Skorts

Girls White Pique Knit Polo Shirt


Boys Tom Sawyer Flat Front Pants Navy

Shorts & Pants

SCL Athletic Navy Gym Short, Moisture Wicking Mesh

Gym Uniforms

St. Gabriel Quarter-Zip Sweatshirt, Embroidered

Sweaters, Sweatshirts & Fleece

Mens 2 Button Uniform Blazer




18" Doll Uniform Style #74, Pick Your Plaid

18" Doll Apparel

Blackwatch Plaid & Hunter Green Bow

Hair Accessories

Girls Sueded Navy Tights


Girls Performance Navy Leggings

Modesty Shorts & Leggings

Face Masks

BEST SELLER! Ladies Quarter Zip Performance Pullover with Embroidered School Logo *Spiritwear*

Custom School Spiritwear and Logo'd Apparel


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School Uniforms for Sale

Catholic Supply of St. Louis, Inc. is proud to be one of the area's premier school uniform suppliers. We offer a full selection of school uniform jumpers, skirts, skorts, shorts, pants, shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, fleece, gym uniforms, belts, hair accessories, hoisery, leggings, custom logo'd apparel and spiritwear.

School uniforms assist in restoring order to unruly classrooms, promote self-discipline and a greater responsibility for personal appearance, improve self-esteem among the student population, and invoke a higher feeling of school pride and community within the school. School uniforms provide a great value. A school uniform makes it easier for students to fit in with their peers. Wearing a uniform may help a student feel a sense of belonging and identify with their school in comparison to those not in uniform. School uniforms have proven to be successful in decreasing disparities in social class, and consequently, decreases taunting and bullying . Any time a child wears a school uniform, parents don't have to stress over providing them with clothes that follow the latest fashion trends, thus alleviating the anxiety of wearing less popular brands.

A uniform should also, over a period of time, reduce the cost of providing school clothes and reduce the competition of students based on name-brand clothing.