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Ever wondered how the Catholic Church differs from other Christian Churches? Maybe you grew up Catholic but it’s time for a refresher. Perhaps you’re considering becoming a Catholic. Or maybe you just want to understand what your Catholic friends believe.

This book will change how you think about Catholicism and give you the tools to answer questions your non-Catholic friends have about your religion. You’ll deepen your understanding of your own faith as well as be able to help others gain an appreciation of your views.

From the history of the Catholic Church to modern day beliefs of Catholics, Hugh Murray breaks down the most important aspects into understandable segments in a friendly, non-argumentative way.

Packed with conversational, easy-to-read information about:

  • The history of the Catholic Church and two big historic splits
  • Mass and the sacraments
  • The special roles of Mary and the saints
  • Catholic views on purgatory, grace, faith, and good works
  • The Pope, cardinals, monsignors, and other Catholic titles
  • And more…

In this book, Hugh Murray – a lifelong Catholic and active member of Jesuit discussion groups – helps you become more knowledgeable about the Catholic faith. Understanding Catholicism comes from the perspective of one who has spent more than 50 years examining Catholic theology and providing his analysis to non-Catholic Christians.

As a Catholic, you'll relearn what you may have forgotten, and will deepen and renew your faith by pondering the topics presented. As a non-Catholic, you will better understand Catholic views and get answers to your questions about this large Christian denomination.

You'll enjoy reading this book yourself, and it’s also the perfect book to share with your non-Catholic friends, fallen away Catholics, and even practicing Catholics who want a deeper understanding of their faith.

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