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Tillie and Clementine go with their parents to spend a fun day exploring the zoo. They happen to be there, however, on the same day a daddy gorilla and his baby daughter sneak out of their enclosure to do the same thing! At one point the two dads get distracted, accidentally grab the wrong daughter, and hoist them up for a piggyback ride. Soon Daddy is walking around with a baby gorilla on his back, and the big silverback gorilla is walking around with Clementine on his. How will the crazy Zoo Switcheroo get resolved? This richly illustrated, whimsical tale shows how parents and kids, whether gorilla or human, can be easily distracted with perilous yet funny consequences. Until near the end, no one in the story is aware of the monumental mix up that has occurred. Young readers therefore have a privileged perspective as they know something the characters in the book do not. Expressive, humorous illustrations entice kids to read and reread Tillie & Clementine stories, and in the process youngsters may broaden their reading skills. These books do contain the occasional challenging word, but kids can derive the meaning from context clues in the nearby copy and artwork.

48 pages.

Item #107870
Price: $8.99


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