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Part of the Real Life Nativity Stake Collection - For Indoor or Outdoor Display!

  • Beautiful addition to your #118294 Holy Family yard stake set
  • 4 PIECE SET: Set includes Three Kings( Melchior, Balthazar and Caspar) and a Sitting Camel. The largest King (Balthazar) measures 51.5 inches.
  • The super high resolution nativity images painted on flat metal give the remarkable illusion of pieces being three dimensional and details- especially the faces- show with such clarity that the Christmas Story is truly brought to life
  • Made completely of metal and designed to last for years; Bright, rich colors bring the Christmas story to life with sun resistant paint that resists fading
  • Set up is a snap and each piece comes with durable, three pronged metal stakes to anchor them into the ground; Easy to set up by stepping them into the ground with attached, durable 3 prong metal stakes; Set folds so that it can be easily stored for the rest of the year.
  • UPGRADED TO NOW INCLUDE A "WINDGUARD" TRIPOD BRACING SYSTEM: This Wind Guard System uses enhanced bracing rods on the backs of the taller pieces to add stability. Heavy duty three pronged stakes anchor the bottom of each piece and heavy duty 45-degree support rods attach to the back and anchor to the ground using heavy duty two pronged stakes. It’s a solid system designed to protect the Real Life Outdoor Nativity from harsh winter winds.
  • EASY TO SET UP AND STORE: Sets up in minutes. Larger pieces fold open and all pieces are anchored by three prong stakes and are secured with a tri-pod brace. No need for large space to store year-to-year.
  • NEARLY LIFE SIZE AND REALISTIC DETAIL: Detail that captures the Nativity Story and brings it to life. The front is printed in UV, Sun-Resistant Paint. The back side is painted all white and has bracing rods that provide strength and stability.
  • Ships in protective packaging

As of the 2023 model year, all outdoor metal nativities are now electroplated with a durable anti-rust coating that covers 100% of the metal surface and shields the pieces from rust and corrosion. The technique is similar to the treatment found on outdoor furniture and is designed to prevent rust from forming on the metal surfaces. In addition to being fully plated, the front and edges are also coated in an additional powder coating for added protection.

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