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Itty Bitty Angel Gift Set Think of Me at Christmas - This sweet little angel figurine is attractively boxed with an Itty Bitty Blessings card that has the poem "Think of Me at Christmas." Angel figurine with folded hands is 2 1/2" high and made of resin. Card is 2" x 3". Most of poem is on front; final stanza is on back along with To and From spaces.

Text of poem: Besides the decorations, the presents and the tree, every year at Christmas, I hope you'll think of me. I'll know when you include me as celebrations start, and you will know it too, because you'll feel it in your heart. There'll always be distractions, yes, and plenty of, but don't forget you always will be wrapped up in My love. So think of Me at Christmas; let's share a word or two, for nothing could be better than to spend the time with you. Love, Jesus.