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Above all other blessings, the most precious gifts of the Holy Trinity to us are the Mass and the Eucharist. In this awe-inspiring book, Sr. Mary Ann Fatula takes you to the feet of the saints to ponder these Sacred Mysteries. You will learn how to rest in the Lord’s intimate physical presence and gain peace of soul, receiving the remedy for temptation, sweetness in struggles, and healing from pain.

As Sr. Mary Ann breaks opens the treasure house of writings on the Holy Eucharist, the saints will lovingly teach you about the immeasurable graces the Lord gives you at Mass and through this most wondrous sacrament. You will learn how to grow in recollection during Mass, how to cherish the Lord’s intimate presence in Holy Communion, and how to rest in the Lord in Eucharistic adoration. As your love for the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament deepens, you will begin to treasure anew the delight of the Trinity’s intimate love, the light and warmth of the Holy Spirit’s anointing, and the joyful hope of eternal salvation.

In pondering with Sr. Mary Ann the insights of Church Fathers and other beloved saints, such as Thomas Aquinas, Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Ávila, John Henry Newman, John Vianney, Thérèse of Lisieux, and John Paul II, the Mystery of Faith will come alive to you in a new way. You will never experience Mass in the same way again, nor will you tire of returning to these saints’ insights to be inspired again and again.

You will learn that, at every Mass, the Lord Himself makes present to us His most tender Last Supper, His sacred death on the Cross, and His glorious Resurrection in order to feed us with His own precious Body and Blood. You will discover many other astounding blessings that the Lord wants to pour out on us at Mass, such as the grace that transformed St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s skepticism about the Catholic Church into a desire to give everything for the Faith. As you discover how to come to Mass with eagerness and awe, Sr. Mary Ann will unveils:

  • The key to seeing with faith the profound mysteries invisibly taking place at Mass
  • The depth of the Lord’s desire to work miracles of love for us through the Mass and the Eucharist
  • The comfort, tenderness, and sweetness of the Lord’s intimate physical presence within us in the Eucharist
  • Many other wonderful blessings the Lord lavishes upon us when we receive Holy Communion with the desire to love Him
  • How the Holy Eucharist ignites our love for one another, especially the poor and the suffering
  • The wondrous power of the Precious Blood of Jesus — even in the lives of hardened sinners
  • The power of the Eucharist to make the devil flee from us
  • The grace that the Eucharist gives us to approach death with confidence and trust

This is a must-read book for the Eucharistic revival. The saints show us that when people begin to appreciate the truth about the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, the Holy Spirit powerfully draws them to the Church, or back to the Church, and immeasurably deepens the joy and love of those who learn to cherish the life-giving treasures of the Mass and the Eucharist.


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