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The Tech Talk

Strategies for Families in a Digital World

Michael Horne, PsyD

Have you had “the tech talk” with your children?

Does the mere mention of it cause you to shudder? We think it’s important, but for many parents it’s almost as uncomfortable as the other “talk” we dread. So we avoid it.

Author Michael Horne, a Catholic parent and clinical psychologist, knows all too well the struggles families face understanding and dealing with how technology impacts our lives. In his new book, The Tech Talk, he not only zeroes in on the dangers of children’s unsupervised forays into the digital world, but he shows you what’s “out there” and how it can influence your children both negatively and positively.

The Tech Talk gives parents practical strategies for living in a digital world, keeping it all in balance, and “unplugging” from technology to improve the health and happiness of the whole family.

Have The Tech Talk. You’ll be glad you did.

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