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Often, when we recall Our Lord’s Passion, the scenes flash by so quickly that deeper recollection is difficult. This forty-day meditation on the fourteen Stations of the Cross, designed for use in your home, presents them for you and your family in slow motion, inviting you to dwell upon each event along the Way of the Cross for three or four days. Daily Scripture passages, prayers, and insights from the saints will help you pause, ponder, and contemplate each step of the way as you walk with Jesus on the road to Calvary.

Drawn from the writings of the Church Fathers and prayers of the saints, these Lenten meditations plumb the depths of meaning of each station to enliven your experience in praying this popular, long-standing devotion, seasonally or throughout the year. Classic illustrations appear throughout to help you behold your Savior and unite your sufferings more intimately with His in each scene. Penetrating yet practical daily questions are included for further reflection or discussion.

The meditations in this book are rooted in the treasury of the Church, interspersing traditions and methods that will sanctify your day and help you grow in holiness. Though perfect for private devotion, this book also serves as a tool for walking the whole family through the sacred season, with reflections written in a style that engages both youth and adults. As you proceed through Lent, these meditations will place in your heart a splinter of Christ’s Cross. In His footsteps you will learn:

  • The best interior response to rejection
  • The one fruit of the vineyard we are called to gather
  • Two spiritual weapons and two practical tips for overcoming temptation
  • How Veronica’s act shows us what we can do to alleviate others’ sufferings
  • A time-tested technique to strengthen your resolve to avoid falling into the same sins
  • How Confession can help you “stop the cycle” of sin, bitterness, and greater sin

This is a new kind of Stations of the Cross experience, given that the Stations are traditionally prayed all at once, in procession. But like no other, this book will deepen your family’s experience of this devotion by exploring in richer detail the mystery of each event on our Lord’s road to Calvary.

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