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"The Shadow of the Father" - one of the most important books of Jan Dobraczynski, is based on the record of the Gospel, the evangelical text. It shows Joseph, the guardian of the Holy Family as a human being subjected to obedience to God and his intentions, a man who must understand and accept his part of being a shadow of the true Father of Jesus who will be born by his Miriam-chosen to him by God. Joseph, a native of Bethlehem, heir to the heritage of kings David and Solomon and the noble tribe of Judah, is up to Nazareth in search of the woman for whom he will sacrifice his life. Over there he meets a charming, friendly, yet mysterious girl named Miriam. However, starting to understand that between Miriam and him stands an impetuous force of abysmal proportions, as God's fist, will make their relationship continue unexpected ways: the One Who will be born and Who will become the liberator of the people scattered and oppressed in Israel. The book gives testimony to the values that never lose their importance: family, responsibility, patience, and true love."

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