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“The world will be saved when we have a sufficient number of souls devoted to reparation and not before.” — Fr. Raoul Plus, S.J

The great Jesuit Fr. Raoul Plus lived and wrote in an era of immense suffering — war, early death, religious indifference — that coexisted, not surprisingly, with robust Catholic faith and practice. He called for spiritual maturity before greater scientific advancements.

In this spiritual masterpiece, Fr. Plus explains every facet of reparation for individual penitents and offers simple, practical ways you can help repair what is falling into ruins in our Church and in our world. You will find inspiring answers to all the key questions about reparation, including:

• What reparation is and why it matters
• Why everyone should make reparation
• How reparation should be made (and what to avoid!)
• Why devotion to the Sacred Heart and the Holy Eucharist are vital to reparation
• Why our Lord wants reparation to be the foundation of Christian living

Fr. Plus’s work is replete with compelling anecdotes that illustrate how developing a spirit of reparation is critical to advancing spiritually. Fr. Plus provides rich insights and examples from our Lady and saints who lived lives of sacrifice, including John the Evangelist, John Vianney, Mary Magdalene, Margaret Mary, and several modern saints.

Through a dozen scriptural passages that Fr. Plus unpacks, you will learn the theology behind reparation and how to teach it to others. You will also learn how to develop a spirit of reparation according to the circumstances of your life, how to compensate for the sins of others, and why spiritual direction is advised for discerning the types of reparation most suitable for you.

Above all, you will experience the Call of the King to discover the path that leads to the ultimate goal — joy with the Lord in the afterlife. Each page invites you to enter into Christ’s Heart by sharing in His work of redemption, even in the most seemingly insignificant ways.

This book, which covers priestly, religious, and lay reparation, includes Pope Pius XI’s celebrated encyclical on reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Miserentissimus Redemptor, as well as a treasury of approved reparation prayers: your complete guide to the nature and practice of reparation.

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