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by Gerald A. Arbuckle

A noted Catholic theologian and anthropologist weaves together insights from anthropology and theology to provide an analysis of the role of the Church in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. The award-winning author of Pope Francis and the People of God turns to the crisis of COVID-19, its diverse impacts on people and communities, and how the Catholic Church might respond. First, Arbuckle offers a concise summary of the social, political, and economic impact of the pandemic, and goes on to craft an anthropological model of the global crisis and its consequences for the Church and for ministry. He then clarifies the Gospel’s pastoral responses that must guide the way forward for societies and the Church. With theological reflections and prompts at the end of each chapter, The Pandemic and the People of God provides students, clergy, and pastoral ministers with a way to understand and to implement the pastoral responses that will help heal individuals, communities, and the world.

paperback, 264 pages

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