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Hardback / 603 Pages

The Life of Christ takes us on a fascinating journey into the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. You’ll learn what Palestine was like in the days of Jesus Christ, why His enemies so vehemently opposed Him, what impact He made on the people around Him, and what drove Him to lay down His life for us.

Walk with the God-man through His life on earth, as told by the writers of the Gospels. Using the Bible as his primary resource, Fahling connects the four accounts of Jesus’ life in one narrative to provide an accurate picture of Christ’s time here on earth. Other notable scholarly sources supplement the Gospels and Fahling’s own writing, resulting in a comprehensive work that shows Christ as both true God and true man and, more important, as our Savior.

Journey through the life of Christ—a life that simultaneously changed the course of history and our own personal salvation forever.

Age(s):Adult - Mature Adult