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For fans of the sport, professional baseball is like a religious experience because it offers mystery — the visible with the invisible. Blazing speeds, graceful fielding, and blistering hitting occur amidst ever-changing strategies, signs, substitutions, and situations. One pitch builds on another, one out on another, one inning on another, and one game on another.

Watching players perform with wit, skill, and courage at the highest level satisfies the yearning of our hearts and minds to witness nobility in action. That’s why we can “religiously” follow the sport. It speaks to our soul.

In The Doubleday Code, author Jim Pieczynski draws parallels between the sport we love — baseball — and the faith we embrace — Catholicism. Each chapter also provides prompts for prayer and personal reflection and can be used as a study guide for retreats.

Fans who appreciate baseball are students of the game. They understand the deeper mysteries and are rewarded immensely. So, too, are committed Catholics who understand the teachings of the Faith and seek not an earthly Hall of Fame, but a heavenly one.

About the Author

Jim Pieczynski is a Catholic speaker who offers presentations on the Eucharist, Mary, and the Catholic mysteries hidden in Major League Baseball. Jim and his wife, Mary, live in Fairhope, Alabama. They have five children and eleven grandchildren.

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The Doubleday code is an intriguing and imaginative book that cleverly explores the unexpected connections between baseball and Catholicism. Jim weaves an engaging narrative, delving into the symbolism and parallels found in both worlds. With an impressive blend of sports and spiritual themes, the book offers a fresh perspective and keeps readers captivated throughout. Whether you're a baseball enthusiast or intrigued by religious symbolism, this novel is a thought-provoking and enjoyable read.