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In the introduction to this work, Sister Mary Francis beautifully captures the spirit of the Resurrection liturgies when she states that virtues of hope, peace and joy “like singing birds… go fluttering throughout the forty days of Easter”. It is obvious that her words are intended to win back the hardened sinner, but to deepen the joy of those who find the liturgy nurturing and engaging. It is a strident call to worshipers to awaken within themselves the spiritual depths of hope, joy and peace which these antiphons express simply, yet beautifully.

Bishop Robert J. Herman

Sister Mary Francis leads us into praying our liturgy more deeply and into communing personally with God, our Joy. The Church carefully composed these antiphones and psalm verses for Easter’s fifty days. As you begin the journey with Sister, where are you? Completing these two answers may help: “Easter for me is valuable, because…” and “What a favor Jesus gave the church, as her Risen Lord spent these days with her…”. Praying now with the church, we bring our all: our minds, affections, and free will as with Christians throughout the world, we live these days dawning into Eternity.

Father Glenn Phillips, O.F.M., Chaplain