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The Catholic Working Mom's Guide to Life

JoAnna Wahlund

Whatever their unique circumstances, all Catholic working moms have three things in common: (1) They are Catholic, striving to live out the Faith in every aspect of their lives. (2) They are working, some by choice, and some by necessity. (3) Most prominently, they are mothers — knowing that's the most important responsibility they will ever have.

In The Catholic Working Mom's Guide to Life, JoAnna Wahlund speaks to the plethora of Catholic women who are looking for other moms with whom to relate, moms who understand the unique challenges of juggling motherhood and work.

This book sums up what JoAnna has discovered about life as a Catholic working mom. In this book you will learn about:

  • The large community of other Catholic working moms
  • Inspirational saints for working mothers
  • How to find peace whether you decide to work or not — and how to discern what's right for your family
  • How to juggle home and family responsibilities while working
  • Practical advice on child-care, pregnancy, and maternity leave
  • The importance of prayer and fellowship

Find the peace and strength God wants for you as a Catholic working mother.

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