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Ever wish you had your favorite bread recipes all in one place? Father Dominic Garramone, the Bread Monk of public television, knows how you feel and has done something about it! The Breadhead Bible is a compilation of Father Dom's favorite bread recipes, spanning from the three seasons of his PBS program Breaking Bread to new recipes he's developed in recent years. Now you can find old favorites like Basic White Bread, Tomato Basil Focaccia, Honey Oatmeal Bread, and Chocolate Raspberry Scones all in one volume. Also included are previously unpublished recipes like Cheddar Chive Drop Biscuits, Diabetics' No-Caraway Rye, and Best Ever Crescent Rolls. As usual, each recipe delivers detailed, easy-to-follow instructions with tips and techniques, along with heartwarming stories from Father Dom's monastery and family.

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