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"Temple: Soul Shine" from author Vince Nyman is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that fuses narrative and art in conveying a deep message of dignity and grace as God's children.

Vince Nyman, a writer, illustrator, and pastor with an art degree from the University of Missouri, Columbia, a master�s degree of Divinity from Kenrick Seminary, a master�s degree in Liberal Arts from Washington University, and a Doctor of Ministry in preaching at Aquinas Institute, St. Louis, has completed his new book, �Temple: Soul Shine�: a defining book that shares the significance of the ideas of youth in viewing life and the expression of a child�s world that contains their special characteristics.

Nyman shares, ��Temple� is a heartfelt experience that combines story, art, and message. The author wonderfully illustrates, through words and imagery, the idea that young people share the highs and lows that are similar to all of us. At the same time, the book expresses the child�s world, those special qualities unique to children. Adults are not the only ones who need to be recognized for their irreplaceable value and capabilities. Each of us in our own way, as people of dignity, are Temples of God.�

Vince Nyman�s new book is truly a magnificent tool to teach children with life lessons worth remembering and keeping at heart.

This book also features breathtaking images that inspire imagination and wonder to children and adults alike.