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Well-known writer and preacher on social-justice issues Father John Kavanaugh will lead readers on an Advent journey reflecting on the needs of God's created world and our responsibilities to our fellow human beings, who are members of the Body of Christ. Every day of Advent is a prayerful opportunity for spiritual growth with Daybreaks, a thought-provoking collection of fresh, lively Advent prayers and reflections that link the gospel to everyday life.

Each page includes a list of readings for the day and a thought-provoking reflection designed to both challenge and comfort, helping readers connect the meditation with the Word of God whether or not they have the chance to attend daily Mass.

Anyone looking to enhance the beauty and depth of their prayer life and make the Advent season what it should be--a liberating, healing, and transforming experience--will cherish this faith-building prayer companion.

Father Kavanaugh teaches philosophy at Saint Louis University. He lectures on consumerism, spirituality, and the ethics of human dignity. His award-winning "Ethics Notebook" column in America magazine and nhis three-volume set, The Word, (Orbis) provide the material for these Daybreaks reflections.

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