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This version of Jesus' Resurrection is told in verse and illustrated to appeal to younger readers/listeners. The book opens with God telling two angels to go and tell the people that Jesus is Risen. We see the guards at Jesus' tomb as they are frightened away and the angel rolling away the stone blocking the entrance to the sepulcher. The story continues to follow the events of Easter morning as Mary discovers that the tomb is empty. After hearing the news, John and Peter race to the tomb and wonder what could have happened to the body of their Lord. Mary is left grieving at the tomb and is overjoyed when Jesus appears to ease her fears: "I died and then I rose again. /Now you are free from death and sin." This artist's vision of Jesus shows Him with long flowing brown hair and a full beard. The cartoon-style drawings have enough shadowing and detail to give them a realistic touch that is accessible to younger readers/listeners. The last double spread has the Bible verses from Matthew 28: 18-20 on the left and an illustration of the empty tomb on the right. Parents and Sunday school teachers will be pleased to have this simplified version of the Easter miracle to share with their children.

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    • ISBN-13: 9780758614452
    • Pages: 32
    • Age range: 5 - 9 Years