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Following the highly successful The Very First Christmas, Paul Maier returns with Christopher, the boy who only wants the true stories of Christian holidays, and his family to tell about the true story of Easter.

Through vivid imagery and historical events, retell the true story of Easter�the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. With the Easter story according to Luke woven throughout, children will be able to learn scripture, while the events are explained clearly in the narrative storytelling. Children�s common questions are easily answered, leaving only the true story of Easter for all to learn.

The award-winning team of Paul Maier and Fracisco Ordaz work together to bring children ages 5 to 10 vivid pictures of Jesus� last days on earth. With vocabulary to challenge children�s critical thinking and understanding, The Very First Easter makes a wonderful gift for children, families, and friends.

  • Hardback with Jacket
  • 32 Pages

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