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This Californian vineyard has a long tradition of making the finest sacramental wines on the market. All wines are prepared in accordance with Canon Law. Vineyards have ecclesiastical approbation by the Bishops in their respective dioceses.

Mont La Salle Products Altar Wine is known throughout the United States as the premier brand for Sacramental wine. 7 unique blends + non-alcohol grape juice available in 750ml bottles(12/cs). We serve churches in over 25 states and offer delivery service to many of our customers.

Mont La Salle Altar Wine (750ml)

  • Rosato (deep rose color with a rich mellow taste-very popular)
  • Angelica (pale gold color, fruity and with a rich bouquet)
  • Tokay (amber color, medium sweet, very soft flavor)
  • Pink Catawba (bright pink color with a distinctive sweet taste)
  • Chateau Des Freres (pale golden color, rich and fruity)
  • St. Paul (a light sweet, red wine, garnet red in color)
  • Rose (light pink color with a delicate fragrance & a touch of sweetness)
  • Mustum Grape Juice (contains a trace 0.01% - 0.049% alcohol)

Please inquire to see if your church is on one of our delivery routes.

**Must have a House account to purchase wine. Only available to Churches, Schools, Hospitals, Military Chapels, and Religious Institutions. Wine is only available to purchase by calling and placing your order with one of our associates.

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