Last Supper Framed Relief by Leonardo da Vinci
Item #DM90
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    90 Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci

    Please Contact Us For Pricing and More Information (Prices Range From $3,270 to $8,700) .

    The Last Supper is hand carved in linden wood or available to order in fiberglass. This beautiful wall relief is hand created by Demetz Art Studio� in Northern Italy painted in traditional colors or stained.

    Available in Wood:
    Size of Relief:         20"x12"          29"x16"         36"x20"
    Size with Frame:   24"x16"           33"x20"         42"x24"

    Available in Fiberglass:

    Size of Relief:          29"x16"         36"x20"
    Size with Frame:    33"x20"         42"x24"

    These statues are hand carved and painted in Italy and usually ship in 3 to 4 months. Please contact us for more information. Extra Shipping Charges will apply due to weight and dimensions.