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The San Damiano wall Crucifix is a religious icon and crucifix that holds significant importance in Christian tradition, particularly in the Franciscan tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. It is named after the San Damiano church in Assisi, Italy, where St. Francis of Assisi is said to have had a transformative spiritual experience in front of it.

This wall crucifix is hand carved in linden wood and painted by talented painters using only the finest artistic oil colors.

The San Damiano Crucifix available in sizes:

  • 16 inch Corpus on 24 inch x 19 inch Cross
  • 24 inch Corpus on 38 inch x 29 inch Cross
  • 36 inch Corpus on 57 inch x 41 inch Cross
  • 48 inch Corpus on 77 inch x 57 inch Cross
  • 72 inch Corpus on 117 inch x 86 inch Cross

The Art Studio Demetz is a sacred haven of craftsmanship in Italy. Here, highly skilled local artisans channel their devotion and artistry into meticulously hand-carving wooden religious art. They create exquisite religious statues and crucifixes that convey spirituality, faith, and cultural heritage. For generations, the Demetz family has produced some of the most beautiful ecclesiastical pieces of art in its studio in Northern Italy.

Each San Damiano Crucifix is uniquely crafted piece, and it might be slightly different from what shown. Please allow 3 to 4 months for delivery of this crucifix from Italy.

SHIPPING NOTICE: A 10% shipping fee will be added to your order after the order is placed.