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Encourages children to go on a hunt for their Star, similar to that of the Wise Men. Everyday the Star is hidden and the children participate in a fun hide-and-seek game to locate it. Once they have found their Star they move all Three Wise Men to its location. On Christmas morning the Three Wise Men reach their final destination when the Star is found at the stable with the child Jesus. The activity book includes a wooden Star, a full wooden nativity scene that matches the artwork of the book, and optional scripture to use throughout the month.

It's really easy:

  • Set up your nativity
  • Hide the Star every night
  • Once your children find the Star move all Three Wise Men to its location
  • Read the optional scripture
  • Repeat
  • On Christmas Eve place your Star on the top of your nativity stable
  • On Christmas morning your Three Wise Men reach the nativity scene and find their king, Jesus!
  • You can easily combine this with other traditions your family participates in. Consider placing a little surprise or sweet with your Star everyday to make this fun game more like an Advent Calendar.

Wondering about the Epiphany?

Some have asked about the Epiphany and how it can be observed using The Star From Afar game. Here is an idea of how to extend the game as well as some information about the day itself.

The Epiphany, or Three Kings Day, is one of the oldest Christian celebrations. It means manifestation or showing forth. Many Christians celebrate the Epiphany to emphasize when the Magi, or The Three Kings, are thought to have reached the infant Jesus in Bethlehem. They had been following the star and when they found baby Jesus they presented Him with gold, frankincense and myrrh. Many Christians observe the Epiphany on January 6th.

To help incorporate this special feast using The Star From Afar, just continue to play the game with the Three Kings and star until January 6th. Some of you may choose to set up the whole nativity including baby Jesus the whole month of December; while others will wait to have baby Jesus arrive on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning---but thats the best part of this game---your family chooses when to start and how to set up the nativity. No matter when your family chooses to put baby Jesus in the stable, just wait to have the Kings and star arrive at the stable. Continue to move the star and the Kings until January 6th at which time the star and the Kings reach the stable and find Baby Jesus lying in the manager. This way you and your family can continue to enjoy the game a little longer and if you celebrate the Epiphany, there is a visual reminder of that special day. The Epiphany is celebrated on January 6th because it is called the Twelfth Night and January 6th is the 12th day after Christ's birth.

Parents will love this perfect activity book and game for Christmas. They can share the story of Jesus' birth with their children in such a fun interactive way.

-Lynn - Alamo, CA

I love the simplicity and darlingness of this Christmas activity and how the children get to place the Three Wise Men close to the Star they find each day. I can't wait to start the tradition with my little helpers this Christmas. It's a magical reminder of who Jesus is and the reason for the season.

-Michelle - Alamo, CA

I am thankful to have a holiday tradition that helps our family celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. This unique children's nativity set brings the story of Christmas to life for children, while creating opportunities for families to experience it together. Finally a product to STOP the busyness of the holiday season and help families focus on what matters most, the birth of Christ!

-Kelly - Buckeye, AZ

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