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This 11-117 beautiful Altar linen set from Poland includes Pall with removable insert, Purificator, Corporal and Finger Towel. It has Marian white high stitch count Cross embroidery on all pieces, except finger towel. Altar linens are sacred and essential items used during Mass. These linens serve both practical and symbolic purposes, contributing to the solemnity and reverence of the worship space.

Pall (8 inch x 8 inch) is embroidered square piece of fabric with removable insert. It is placed over the chalice during Eucharist to cover and protect the consecrated Blood of Christ.

Purificator (11 inch x 18 inch) is a small embroidered rectangular piece of fabric. It is used to wipe the chalice and cleanse the priest’s fingers during the Mass. It ensures the vessels used for the Eucharist remain clean and pure.

Corporal (15 inch x 15 inch) is embroidered square piece of fabric and means “body” in Latin. It is used on the altar for the chalice and paten to be placed on, providing a clean and sacred surface on which the Body and Blood of Christ rest.

Lavabo towel (9 inch x 13 inch) is a small plain piece of fabric. It is used by the priest to dry his hands before handling the sacred vessels during the Mass.

Made in Poland.

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