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Over one year recounted in Flunking Sainthood, Riess failed twelve different spiritual practices. To her surprise, thought, she learned something important even from the ones she failed most spectacularly. In this new 365 daily devotional, readers who are looking for spiritual growth will find guidance, arranged according to monthly practices such as gratitude, generosity, prayer, Sabbath-keeping, and hospitality. Each day's reading has a reflection from a contemporary or classic spiritual thinker, a short scripture verse, and a brief prayer, reflection, or follow-up action. This daily devotional helps us know that there is great compassion for all of us who are flunking sainthood as we learn that spiritual growth is a lifelong journey without a fixed destination.


Jana Riess is the author of The Twible and Flunking Sainthood: A Year of Breaking the Sabbath, Forgetting to Pray,and Still Loving My Neighbor, which was named by Publishers Weekly as one of the best religion books of the year.

This book is about how to relax in our imperfections, trust Gods grace, and take authentic and practical steps toward deepening maturity in faith.
Sharon Garlough Brown, author of Sensible Shoes

This devotional will stimulate your brain, companion your soul, and inspire you.
Lauren F. Winner, author of Mudhouse Sabbath and Still

In addition to being a sagely writer, Jana is an avid quote collector. Here are 365 gems, full of mojo in insight for normal folks like us, along with a simple challenge to make each day a wonderful experience of falling forward.
Brian D. McLaren, author of We Make the Road by Walking

Refreshingly realistic about our human imperfections and heartily confident of grace.
Marjorie Thompson, author of Soul Feast

Jana is a thoughtful, wise, and compassionate guide to the life of the spirit, and this book will be a daily gift to all of us who are flunking sainthood but hope to raise our GPA.
Greg Garrett, author of The Other Jesus

Relax, spiritual slackers. Somebody else has done all the reading. Now you have a book of poetic inspiration, Bible verses, current bestsellers and ancient thinkers, one for each day. Skip a day? No guilt. Don't understand? You'll catch up. What's the point? Try doing it, anyway. Seriously? Hilariously.
Lillian Daniel, author of When Spiritual But Not Religious Is Not Enough

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