Wrought Iron Paschal Candlestick

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6X30 Wrought Iron Paschal Candlestick - 1.5" Socket

Item #CON5013
Price: $200.00


    In-Store Consignments
    Discovering treasures among us!

    We are pleased to now offer in-store consignments of church furnishings through our main store and online!

    When a church remodels or repurposes a liturgical space, sometimes there are furnishings that are no longer needed in the new space. Therefore, we are starting in-store consignments to assist those parishes find new homes for their unneeded items. You know what they say, "One church's surplus, is another church's good fortune!"

    If you are interested in consigning an item that you church no longer needs, please stop by our main store and speak with Dean. Thank you!

    Wrought Iron Candlestick

    42" tall, 1.5" socket. Excellent Condition. 6X10

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