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Lent and Holy Week opens the writings of Thomas Merton in easily digestible pieces and eloquently pairs them with the words of other great spiritual thinkers. Designed for use in new or existing small groups between Ash Wednesday and Easter, this booklet offers readers an accessible introduction to contemplative dialogue and is built around eight compelling Lenten themes:

Week of Ash Wednesday: Where Do We Turn for Forgiveness?

First Week of Lent: Living More Deeply in Christ

Second Week of Lent: A Season for Compunction and Tears

Third Week of Lent: In All Things, Always Seeking God

Fourth Week of Lent: Choosing with Christ to Love the World

Fifth Week of Lent: In the Service of Peace through Humility and Prayer

Holy Week: Returning to the Source of Our Unity in Christ

The Resurrection of the Lord: Liberated to Redeem the World

The Bridges to Contemplative Living with Thomas Merton series enjoys widespread popularity and is ideal for parish-based small group programs, religious communities, and contemplative retreat centers.