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The Cross of St Francis Christ Candle with its beautiful, hand decorated SCULPTWAX® design, features the iconic San Damiano Cross, so popular among the devout. A symbol that Christ is present whenever people are gathered, these candles are traditionally burned during Advent, Christmas, prayer and council meetings, etc. This Christ Candle is made of white wax, symbolizing the purity and divinity of Jesus Christ. Developed by Cathedral Candle Company in 1986, SCULPTWAX® candles are skillfully decorated with hand-cast, color infused wax. The beautifully detailed appliques create a striking and unrivaled, three-dimensional relief. Cathedral Candle Co has served Christian churches through the master craft and art of candle making for more than a century since 1897.

During the Advent season, which marks the period of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus, the Christ candle placed in the center of an Advent wreath (or by itself). The Advent wreath consists of four candles, each representing one of four weeks leading to Christmas. The Christ candle is then lit on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day to symbolize the arrival of Christ, the light of the world, into the darkness of the world. The Christ candle serves as a focal point during this time, reminding Christians of the central role of Jesus Christ in their faith and in the world. It also represents hope, peace, joy, and love, which are the themes of the Advent season. Often, the Christ candle continues to be lit throughout the Christmas season and beyond as a reminder of ongoing presence of Christ in the world and in the lives of believers.

  • Made of stearine white wax, known for its beauty and long, clean-burning performance.
  • 3” diameter x 14”H with spike hole end.
  • Made in the USA.

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