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The "Cross of Erin" is a magnificent waxwork adapted from the sculpted stone high crosses of acient Ireland. This stately 51% beeswax, made-to-rder paschal candle is ideal for use during the Easter season and other liturgical celebrations throughout the year.

Designed and handcrafted in a highly individual syle...the metallic bronze wax cross being the prime elementwith arms and shaft joined by four great arcs, engraving mouldings, interlacing, intricate frets and a three tiered base containing key-symbols of the Alpha/Omega, Lamb of God and the current year.

An elegant new approach to the traditional paschal nail....handmade brillant wax "gemstones," created exclusively for the "Cross of Erin" paschal candle.

Eximious Paschal Candles - means distinguished, unparalleled, extraordinary

Each and every Eximious Paschal Candle is made-to-order. Eximious Paschal Candle designs are unique and allow the candle decorators' artistic talent to fingerprint each individual candle. No two candles are exactly alike; every candle is an individual piece of liturgical art.

Every Eximious Paschal Candle is Made-to-Order by Skilled Artisans and Mastercrafted with the finest Beeswax formulations. Benchworked to create intricate inlays, rich onlays, and classic sculpted engravings, each Eximious Paschal Candle from Cathedral Candle Company is an individual work of art and a tribute to more than 120 years of exceptional candlemaking.

Please allow 4 weeks for their creation and delivery.