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If you seek consolation, comfort, peace or inspiration, these stories will help you discover God sitting next to you, waiting with open arms to embrace you. Each story is like a modern parable containing a pearl of wisdom. You may dive deep to retrieve these pearls, or you may find them near the surface, easily within your grasp. Let them surprise you as you discover the priceless gift of God�s love hidden in each one. They are meant to bring you peace, comfort, healing and joy, even in the midst of sadness, grief or sorrow. This book has received Imprimatur of Archbishop Robert Carlson from the Archdiocese of St. Louis

Frederick �Rick� Hermann is a popular writer and speaker for all age groups. His syndicated columns and scripture reflections have appeared in publications nationwide, reaching over four million people, and provide guidance and encouragement and hope. His other book "The Spirit Set Me Free: True Stories of Faith in Prison" is endorsed by every major prison ministry (both Catholic and Protestant) including Kairos, Chuck Colson Prison Fellowship, ACCA, ACCCA, PNCEA, Kolbe House, and the Salvation Army. Hermann finds his inspiration in many ways: in everyday life, from growing up in a large family, and in his experiences as a teacher, coach, missionary, and career counselor� but mostly from the Holy Spirit. He has volunteered in youth, prison, and hospital ministries. He lives in St. Louis, Missouri with two large dogs who are allowed to sleep on the bed if their paws are dry.