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by Kathryn Muehlheausler

There were many other signs that Jesus worked...but, they are not recorded in this book. John: 20-30 Peopled with both historical and fictional characters who might have lived and acted the events of A King's Story, this novel provides a unique twist to events in the Bible. Gaspar, youngest of the Magi who followed the star to Bethlehem, and his servant Raheeb return to the area of the great adventure of their younger days. Their search is to find again the person, Jesus, whom they had identified to King Herod the Great as "the newborn King of the Jews." Arriving in Jerusalem at the Passover, they learn of the imminent crucifixion. At the bottom of Calvary, Gaspar interacts with a young criminal Daniel, the (fictional) brother of Dismas, "The Good Thief." During the next forty days of Jesus' stay on earth, the three men's lives intertwine with the Apostle Matthew who tells them of the events of Easter morning. Matthew is the only evangelist to tell of the Magi; coincidentally, he is also said to have spread the message of Christianity in or near Persia, the land of the Magi. Truth or fiction? It is up to you, the reader, to decide. Sources for this novel included the 750-page reference The Birth of the Messiah by Raymond E. Brown, S.S. "A King's Story is a beautifully written tale which incorporates a wonderful weaving of Biblical characters. Muehlheausler's attention to detail and obvious research help to firmly construct a truly captivating, inspirational adventure for the reader to embark upon."Rev. Joseph F. ClassenHunting for God, Fishing for the LordMeat & Potatoes Catholicism