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More Than A Message, By the Southside Dragons, 2010-2011 Sophomore Class at St. Mary's High School

Forward by: Most Reverend Robert Carlson, Archbishop of St. Louis
When we selected "More Than A Message" as the title for our book we were looking for something catchy that may inspire people to take a closer look. We did not realize that our chosen title may very well reveal the book's true purpose. We believe this collection of our poems, all written as part of a class in our sophomore curriculum, is a worthy contribution to the literary landscape. But it is more than that. There is a wisdom dwelling in the heart and soul of every young person, a wisdom our world needs in troubled times. We do not claim to have all the answers, but young people everywhere are asking the right questions. We invite you to read the poems a couple of times. Some of them belong with your finest collections, others may not be ready yet for prime time. But all of them are expressed from within the imagination of young people who have something very important to say. Perhaps you can find your own questions in the midst of these poems. Your reading, just as our writing, will contribute meaning to the world. All proceeds from the sales of "More Than A Message" support the important work of our St. Vincent de Paul Society. 6x9, 108 pages, paperback

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