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The Spiritual Wisdom Of The Gospels For Christian Preachers And Teachers

The Relentless Widow Year C
John Shea, STD

Storyteller and theologian John Shea provides a unique commentary that's ideal for preaching, teaching, or simply meditating on the Gospels. His writing is poignant and conversational making this book a valuable tool for professional ministers, as well as for Christians who reflect on the Gospels for personal spiritual growth.

Shea draws readers into the people and situations that Jesus encountered in ways that are evocative and inspirational. The resource is based on both the Catholic Lectionary for Mass and the Revised Common Lectionary, making it accessible across Christian denominations.

John Shea, STD, is a theologian, author, and storyteller who lectures nationally and internationally on storytelling in world religions, faith-based health care, contemporary spirituality, and the spirit at work movement.

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