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Finally! The answers to 50 of the most-asked questions regarding the Eucharist! Designed to bring a better understanding of the Eucharist and the rituals involved in Mass, devotion, and prayer, this book is formatted in a way that is easy to read and understand.

As it shows how prayer and worship form the core of the spiritual renewal of the Catholic community, this book addresses these questions and more:

  • I see people bow before the altar and tabernacle--is there a relationship between the altar and the Eucharist?
  • My parish has processions--why are they important, and why don't all parishes have them?
  • What is the difference between the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus?
  • What is Benediction?

Religious and devotional practices are the language we use to communicate with God. 50 Questions From the Pews: The Eucharist helps the reader participate more fully and richly in the Eucharist.


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