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Guide for Lectors and Readers, Second Edition
by Michael Cameron, Corinna Laughlin, Virginia Meagher, Paul Turner

Because readers provide a bridge between the Word of God and the assembly, helping Christ speak to his people, they need to understand, believe, and love the Word of God they proclaim. The Introduction to the Lectionary calls for a preparation for lectors and readers that includes spirituality, biblical and liturgical formation, and technical instruction for proclamation. This book provides exactly that in an inviting and readable style that grounds readers in essential knowledge and inspires them to keep learning and growing. This resource includes:

  • Theological and historical reflections on the liturgy and the ministry
  • Practical skill-building and advice for serving in this role
  • Ways to deepen your spirituality and call to discipleship
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Recommended resources
  • A glossary
  • Questions for discussion and reflection

Saddlestitched | 6 x 9 | 80 pages

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