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What are the essentials of Roman Catholic doctrine and spirituality? This work takes a detailed look at the most relevant facets and dynamics of such subjects as liturgy, the Mass, prayer, the saints, angels, demons, the Blessed Mother, the Church calendar, the liturgical seasons, apparitions, the supernatural, the "faith and works" argument, the specifics of spiritual warfare, sacramentals, indulgences, and much, much more. What is just as important, the author writes in much the same way as Jesus taught: using images and examples that everyone is familiar with. And he does so in a manner that is straightforward, exceptionally down-to-earth, thought provoking, educational and genuinely enjoyable. Very simply, the topics and approach of this book are aimed at today's generation of Catholics who, unfortunately, are plagued with a lack of knowledge, understanding and appreciation of their faith. And he does so with the hope that his readers will not just gain a better knowledge of their faith but will be able to put this information into practice in order to live and breathe it.