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384 pages, paperback

This collection contains one incredible dog story after another— you won’t be able to stop reading! Read all 101 stories about the crazy antics of our canine companions. What a great gift for dog lovers.

What has that dog done now? You’ll see your own dog in this entertaining collection of stories about the incredible things that dogs do.

From alpha dogs to dogs that hide under the bed — from dogs that eat wood to dogs that catch fish — from dogs that smell cancer to dogs that just... smell—you won’t believe what you’re reading. You’ll see your own dog with new eyes after reading these true stories about:

  • dogs with an uncanny understanding of spoken language
  • dogs with amazing intuition and empathy
  • dogs that change people’s lives
  • dogs that outsmart their humans
  • dogs that care for other animals... and have their own pets
  • dogs performing acts of heroism and saving lives
  • dogs that play tricks and have a sense of humor