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by Mark Hart

Do you wonder why, as Catholics, we do some of the things that we do? Do you ever find yourself wishing for short, simple answers as to what the Church teaches and why we claim it as truth? Let 100 Things Every Catholic Teen Should Know, bring to light a bunch of things you might already know and a ton of stuff you probably don't. You won't get long, boring answers; you will get quick, straight answers with 100% Catholic truth. Mark Hart and Todd Lemieux have an undeniably unique way to make the most controversial and complicated Church teachings entertaining and effortless to follow. Let these two authors show you not only how great it is to be Catholic, but how fun it is to be Catholic as well. So, prepare for an overview of Catholicism that is sure to leave you a little smarter and a lot more confident.

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100 Things every Catholic teen should know

This should be titled 100 things every Catholic should know! It' very informative on issues every Catholic should know with answers to questions we are all asked. I especially like the scripture refferances to support each section.