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Holy Smokes! Firestarters

We recycle used and scrap candles to make our starters. Holy Smokes! are made from used church candles which we purchase from many churches (an ecumenical blend). The wax is blended with sawdust that has been pressed into sheets in an American mill to produce a reliable and pleasant smelling firestarter.

Made from recycled church candles. Starts fast; burns clean. 9/pkg.

Combine the concepts of recycling, functionality & ecumenism with Holy Smokes Firestarters ! Made from recycled wood & used Church candles ... 30% Catholic, 30% Lutheran & 40% All Others!

  • For Fireplaces – Barbecues – Campfires – Stoves
  • Use no paper, no kindling, no liquid charcoal starters
  • Holy Smokes! Burn even when wet
  • Holy Smokes! Firestarters are made from 100% recycled materials. Melted wax from used church candles is blended with recycled wood fiber to produce a pleasant smelling firestarter.
  • A donation is made to Habitat for Humanity for each Holy Smokes! Firestarters purchase.
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I love these fire starters!

These fire starters are amazing! I order several packages every year to help us start our daily fires in the winter. I'm grateful that there is a product that really works instead of paper!