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Morning & Evening: Prayer for the Commute, Prayer for the Journey 2 CD SET By Christopher Walker, Paule Freeburg, DC

Turn your mornings and evenings into moments of prayer and communion with God!

Another delightful resource from acclaimed author and Daughter of Charity Sister Paule Freeburg and master composer Christopher Walker! This collaboration helps you begin and end your day with prayer, whether you're in the driver's seat or the comfort of your home.

For commuters, Morning & Evening is a great way to turn a stressful battle with traffic into a prayer-filled adventure. Put on these uplifting songs, prayers and readings during your drive to and from work or school: you'll arrive refreshed and better prepared to be the peace-filled Christian witness we're all called to be in this world.

For each prayer service, Morning & Evening provides an invitatory, a hymn, two psalms, a Scripture reading, a short response, a Gospel canticle ("Benedictus" or "Magnificat"), intercessions (with time to add your own prayers), the Lord's Prayer and a closing blessing. Except for the reading, the entire prayer is sung.

One disc in the two-CD set is devoted to morning services, one to evening. Divided into five days, the services are flexible, allowing you to use them however you wish. Since each one lasts about 15 minutes, they're easy to fit into even the busiest schedule.

Christopher composed rich, melodic new settings for nearly every psalm and prayer, while Sister Paule provided her usual poetic, Christ-centered song and prayer texts. Ideal for commuters, Morning & Evening is also suitable for use by individuals and small groups at home, in hospitals, nursing homes, on retreat and other settings.