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One Bread, One Body, Volume 2 CD
By John Foley, S.J.

A compilation of his very best liturgical music, drawn from solo collections and his many years with the St. Louis Jesuits.

"Give an ear to me, O Lord. Answer, when I call." For over 30 years, Catholics have been enthusiastically giving their ears — and voices — to the music of Jesuit Father John Foley. At Advent, they have sung "Patience, People," from Gentle Night, one of many collections John recorded with the St. Louis Jesuits. They have sung "I Rejoiced," from Wood Hath Hope, as a gathering song.

His Most Beloved Songs
One Bread, One Body, Volume 2, is a retrospective of John's very best liturgical music, drawn from these and other beloved collections such as Lord of Light, A Dwelling Place, Earthen Vessels and The Steadfast Love.

Music Reflecting His Impact on the Church
The second volume offers the same variety of inspiring songs as the first; some in simple arrangements for solo voice and guitar or piano, while others employ a full choir, organ and trumpets. The 16 familiar titles, newly re-mastered and some newly recorded, reflect the great impact of Father Foley's music on the Church.

The first volume of One Bread, One Body includes 18 more popular songs by Father Foley, including "One Bread, One Body" and "The Cry of the Poor."

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