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Companions On The Journey CD Carey Landry

Appropriate for the entire liturgical year, this collection offers songs, psalms and hymns to encourage believers as they journey together.

This collection of music for adults and young adults alike includes music for liturgies and sacramental celebrations presented in a variety of styles and choral arrangements. The word companion comes from two Latin words: com meaning “together” and panis meaning “bread.” So literally-speaking, a companion is a sharer of bread. It is that meaning that led Carey to compose the songs in this collection.

Appropriate for the entire liturgical year, Companions on the Journey offers songs, psalms and hymns that express a diversity of themes, including Christian ministry, eucharistic unity, social justice and more. These are life-realities that we face daily and that we are called to celebrate daily, weekly and throughout the year.

Like many of Carey’s other collections, although all of the songs are written for use at Eucharist and sacramental celebrations, they are also meant for personal prayer and communal prayer gatherings. As the faithful in your parish continue to seek the intimacy of smaller faith-sharing groups and deeper companionship on the paschal journey, they can confidently turn to the music on Companions on the Journey to support one another.