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Did God Have a Wife? Archaeology and Folk Religion in Ancient Israel
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    Following up on his two recent, widely acclaimed studies of ancient Israelite history and society, William Dever here reconstructs the practice of religion in ancient Israel from the bottom up. Archaeological excavations reveal numerous local and family shrines where sacrifices and other rituals were carried out. Intrigued by this "folk religion" in all its variety and vitality, Dever writes about ordinary people in ancient Israel and their everyday religious lives.Did God Have a Wife? shines...

    The Legend of St. Nicholas
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      A beautiful retelling of the life of Saint NicholasMany stories are told about Saint Nicholas -- stories about his generosity and his miracles, stories about the concern he showed for those in poverty. This warm, inviting books tells many of these stories, both familiar and lesser-known. It recounts how he ended a famine by multiplying grain from a merchant ship and how he walked on water to rescue sailors from a terrible storm. And, of course, it tells the story of how Nicholas gave his...

      Invitation to the Apocrypha
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        A leading biblical scholar helps readers rediscover the ancient books of the Old Testament Apocrypha. INVITATION TO THE APOCRYPHA provides a clear, basic introduction to these important ancient books that is ideal for personal study, churches, and classroom settings. Daniel Harrington guides readers through the background, content, and message.