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Jesus Christmas Tin, Mints
Price: $5.95
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    Christmas tin is filled with 4 oz. of old-fashioned soft peppermints. Each piece of candy is individually wrapped in one of many different scriptures. Great stocking stuffer.

    The Candy Cane Story Stocking Set
    Price: $1.99
    Availability: In Stock
    Item #: 33662 -

      This makes a great gift! Each stocking is embroidered with the name JESUS and comes with a "true" candy cane. It also comes with a bookmark that tells the legend of how the candy cane came to be. The stocking is just the right size for placing a gift card inside. With the "To" and "From" printed at the top of the package, it makes a quick and easy gift.

      Candy Canes with Jesus Bookmarks
      Price: $4.99
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      Item #: 120933 -

        Celebrate the season with a little inspiration. These 12 large candy canes come with 12 bookmarks. Each bookmark features "The Candy Cane Story." Great for Sunday school teachers or anyone who wants to share the true meaning of Christmas. 12 canes and 12 bookmarks per box.